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  • Owner

  • Vehicle

  • Engine

  • Suspension

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Body & Pant

  • Sam Castronova

  • 1979 C10

  • Delmo’s Speed DelS3 V8

  • Custom Accuair system

  • 22×9/22×10 Delmo Speed

  • Body Mods by Nick Sinioris

Additional Info

Squarebody Syndicate chose Hubcaps because of the high quality work Nick and the crew put out. We like his style and vision but most of all he listens to the customer.

Sam is a dedicated tribe member of the Arizona-based ‘Syndicate – a group founded and headed by Joe Yezzi. We say “based” in Arizona as that is where both Sam and Joe (along with close to one hundred other syndicate members) live and build their bitchin’ square body Chevy trucks. But the ‘Syndicate is global. Putting their unique sticker on your ’73-’87 C10 is akin to a badge of honor. These guys have a movement going that is gathering steam faster than any other next-gen club or group.